Here’s Polly!

It was July 6th that Polly joined our family. This little ball of auburn curls and unbridled enthusiasm is the source of sweet, simple joy that feels limitless. While sleeping with her head close to my heart, Polly reminds me of the benefits of total surrender and calm. My blood pressure slips a bit, my breathing slows and my mind is not planning, solving, remembering or anticipating. All is still. The only sound is the soft duet of our breathing.

Having spent time studying, practicing and incorporating meditation into my work, I am struck by the “art of letting go” that Polly embodies in the moment.

We revive from this respite to go about our day, enjoying new energy from this bit of dual surrender. Her energy is boundless while I am slower to re-enter the world of tasks, planning and responding to the needs of others, including hers. I smile to myself at the thought of simply “being” that comes so naturally to this puppy.

This is the nudge I need to return to my “pre-Polly” days of a disciplined meditation practice: same time, every day, diminished distractions, quiet space. Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us: “Meditation is not what we think it is”. Enjoy those unexpected “ mindful moments” of surrender.