Gods and Goddesses

Pathways to Creativity
(affectionately referred to as G&G)

G&G began over twenty years ago when a group of writers gathered at the home of Ginny Oehler to share a small meal and hear the story of a selected God or Goddess. Ginny would lead the group in meditation that depicted the God or Goddess.

Following the meditation, participants would write for half of an hour in silence. Afterwards, each person would share what they had written and the others would offer positive feedback.

G&G groups meet once a month and have up to 6 participants per group. If interested in participating in, or beginning a new group, please contact Ginny here.

I have been present with Ginny at her gatherings for over thirty years, off and on, which is longer than I’ve been part of anything in my life, except writing itself. My entire second book of poetry was formed there, even though the point of gatherings has never been specifically to do ‘creative writing.’ They are freewrites, journaling, even nothing more than just being there, sometimes. Most important, they are a way to become still – a state we all are rapidly forgetting how to find, and in that forgetting, losing our ways to uncover what is beneath what is inside. Stillness flows from Ginny’s voice, from her breath. The paths the stories of the meditations she weaves are wholly revealing, or wholly irrelevant; I often don’t remember the story at all. I remember becoming still. I remember being unfettered. And not thinking about how I got there, or how to get back, because I was connected to the silk rope of Ginny’s voice.

Paul T. Hogan - Executive Vice President of The John R Oishei Foundation, Poet and Author of 'Points of Departure' and 'Inventories'