Chakra Meditation

Hello and thank you for joining me as we meditate together.

First, make yourself comfortable either sitting or laying down with your spine straight and hands resting easily in your lap.
Each recording is 20 minutes long. and includes: a breathing exercise, body scan, guided visualization and closes with” loving-kindness” meditation.

You may choose to close your eyes, keep them open, or a combination of both. It is up to whatever is most comfortable.
Suggestion: engage one meditation each day for a week, then move to the next for a week. You will then experience 8 weeks of this meditation practice with me. Peace.

Each recording highlights one of the seven colors representing the major “Energy Centers”, known as Chakras, that abide within specific areas of your body:


Represents our Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine. This energy center addresses issues of security, trust and our ability to feel grounded amidst chaos and distress. This “root” anchors us to the Earth. This meditation will seek to provide you with a sense of being grounded.


Represents our Sacral Chakra, located within our pelvic bowl, approximately two inches below your naval. This energy center manifests our sensuality, creativity and sexuality. This meditation will seek to provide you with a greater awareness of your creative energy.


Represents your Solar Plexus, the center of your power. This is the chakra from which your power to achieve things, take risks and make a difference arises. The Solar Plexus is located approximately two inches above your naval.


Represents your Heart Chakra, located in the region of your heart. This energy center houses feelings of love, affection, friendship and respect for self, others and the peoples of the world. It also allows you to be open to those feelings from others.

Light Blue/Turquoise

Represents your Throat Chakra, the energy center from which you communicate with clarity and opens to hear accurately what others communicate to you. This energy center is located at your throat.


Represents the Third Eye, located in the space between your brows. This energy center is where a spiritual connectiveness abides and manifests in your abilities to imagine, innovate, problem-solve and to expand your thoughts beyond what is a present state.


Represents the Crown Chakra, located above the crown of your head. This energy center manifests consciousness, ideas and awareness of Oneness with mankind and the Universe.


This meditation incorporates all of the Chakra colors, representing a flow among those centers of energy as applied throughout the body.